Davina Michel moves with a Flemish cap and astonishes colleagues: “What a talent!” † show

Davina Michel moves with a Flemish cap and astonishes colleagues: "What a talent!"  † show

Young Belgian singing talent Camille Donut was the main guest on the singing show yesterday love music. Artists such as Davina Michel, Suzanne Frick and some Belgian stars were allowed to choose from among her songs. Camille is famous for the Flemish Youth series #Like mewhich can also be seen on Videoland, and was mentioned as a Belgian entry for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Davina Michele has been familiar with the 20-year-old’s musical sensation Southern Neighbors for quite some time. She met her while recording another music show. “When I look back at my past few years, I look at you like a little sister,” she said before her performance. Someone who has worked incredibly hard to the top in a few years. I chose the song that started it all for you in Showbiz.”

It’s about the number forget the time, which Camille made with DJ Regi Penxten (known from Milk inc.). On the first note of the Davina version, the singer watched with wide eyes. In the middle of the song, she can no longer hold it. You are not alone. Singer Margaret Hermans, 68, was also watching with wet eyes.

After that, Camille called out to her colleague six years older than him: “I wish I could have a voice like you in the future.” It was said on the bench: What a talent! Unnatural.” Kamil added, “Your talent is really not ordinary.” Not only fellow artists liked the copy forget the time by Davina Michel. It also now ranks number one on the Belgian iTunes chart with its cover.

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