Dark Horse Runs Back to Finish RB1 Fantasy Football Championship in 2021 | Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

Dark Horse Runs Back to Finish RB1 Fantasy Football Championship in 2021 |  Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

Their debuts are being crafted early 2021 fantasy football It is clear that drafts have the greatest chance of making the best fantasy performances. They proved themselves and got the chance to rush/receive to repeat next season. Yet every few years we see a downturn that hasn’t reached the top level of fictional production.

Before we dive into the dark horse nominees for the RB1 fantasy football championship finish in 2021, let’s first examine the RB1 winners from the past five years using the 0.5-PPR score.

season RB1 total points PPG rank PPG
2020 Alvin Camara 336.3 22.4 3
2019 Christian McCaffrey 413.2 25.8 1
2018 Todd Gurley 342.6 24.5 1
2017 Todd Gurley 351.3 23.4 1
2016 David Johnson 367.8 23.0 2

The first thing to note here is that every one of RB1’s last five games has ranked in the top three in fantasy points per game. Elite appearances need to be played at the elite level for most if not all of the season to claim the RB1 title of the year.

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Players need to average about 23 points per game in order to get a shot in the RB1 slot. Kamara’s 2020 RB1 season has been tough, but injuries to his backs are from big names like Christian McCaffreyAnd I will be Barclay And dolphin cook He opened the gate for his first title in RB1.

Next, let’s look at the breakdown of impulse versus receiving.

season RB1 NS roeds Tgt Rec RecYDS Total TD
2020 Alvin Camara 187 932 107 83 756 21
2019 Christian McCaffrey 287 1,387 142 116 1005 15th
2018 Todd Gurley 256 1,251 87 59 580 16
2017 Todd Gurley 279 1,305 87 64 788 19
2016 David Johnson 293 1,239 120 80 879 20

Quite simply, we are looking for players who touch the ball Many. None of those runs had less than 250 total touches, although the 2020 Kamara’s was on a lighter accelerating workload. The 2021 standard should be closer to 325 touches, and it’s important to note that None of these runners saw fewer than 87 goals in the year.

Landing variance is also a prerequisite for landing an RB1 season. All five players earned 15 or more total points in their lead season – an average of one touchdown per week. In fact, the scoring is the most important The element of crime when looking at the ranks of the team.

season Team off Yds pass Yds rush dabs Scoring
2020 saints 12 19 6 5
2019 leopards 19 20 14 20
2018 rams 2 5 3 2
2017 rams 10 10 8 1
2016 basics 9 9 18 5

Four of the five RB1s were part of the top five goalscorers of the year. This might sound like a chicken-or-egg conversation, but it’s also a pretty obvious point – back off completely needs To be in a high-target crime if his name is not mentioned Christian McCaffrey.

EPA-based ratings paint a similar picture, but efficiency doesn’t matter as much as pure size.

season Team Environmental Protection Agency Pass the EPA Rush EPA
2020 saints 12 13 7
2019 leopards 27 28 22
2018 rams 3 5 2
2017 rams 7 8 8
2016 basics 20 21 21

Four players who appeared running outside the top 12 in their position stand out as possessing Best chance of finishing RB1 of the season based on these criteria.

2021 Candidates Dark Horse Fantasy RB1

Joe MixonAnd Cincinnati Bengals

  • What he has: hurry attempts, talent
  • What he needs: better streak, more goals

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