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Samsung has officially announced the Exynos W920, a new device for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 and other wearables. The soc is equipped with a 4G modem and is the first wearable device made on the 5nm node.

In a press release, Samsung writes The Exynos W920 has an Arm Cortex-A55 core and an Arm Mali-G68 GPU, which is supposed to provide a significant improvement over the previous generation wearable soc, by Exynos 9110. According to Samsung, CPU performance should be improved by 20 percent and GPU performance should be improved ten times. In addition, the soc is equipped with a 4G LTE-Cat 4 modem and a GNSS system.

The soc is also equipped with a separate Cortex M55 core to control the always-on display of the smartwatch, for features like time display, notifications and missed calls quickly in sleep mode. This way, the normal CPU doesn’t have to be woken up. This saves power consumption and thus battery life.

He. She known for a long time The upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 will have Exynos W920 soc, but no details about the processor have been confirmed yet. That the new soc is on the Watch 4, Samsung confirms in the news item.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be officially announced next Wednesday at Samsung’s Unpacked event, with the new Foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 2. The Watch 4 gets OLED screens with a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels, Exynos-soc, along with 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB flash storage. The Watch 4 comes in different sizes.

Samsung made a new Android Wear OS for the Galaxy Watch 4 with Google, which is a mix of Samsung’s Tizen and Google Wear OS, Equipped on its own user interface. Samsung confirms in the news that the Exynos W920 fully supports this operating system.

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