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Regarding Feitian, see general information below:

Annual reports can be found at (Yes it is not guaranteed but it is really the Chinese company website)

If you look at the annual reports up to 2020, you will see that its largest shareholders (excluding the founder) are Central Huijin Investment Co..

Central Huijin Investment Co., Ltd. It is a Chinese investment company owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China. Founded in 2003, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of China Investment Corporation, with its own Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors.[1] The main shareholder rights of Huijin Central are exercised on behalf of the State Council.[2] Central Huijin is an organization in which the Chinese government can act as a shareholder in the “big four” state-owned banks, thereby improving corporate governance and initiating banking industry reforms.[3]

Funny because this is a direct connection to the state.
Then we see where Feitian gets its profits from:

By 2014, 85% of the company’s revenue came from state banks, and Feitian was among the three largest sellers by revenue in the country.[7]

The decision maker is also a major shareholder of Feitian Corporation.

Looks like Google didn’t bother doing due diligence.

Then we conduct an extensive investigation of:…Protection-program/

In 2003 the company joined the “IT-Military Alliance” (计算机 世界 科技 拥军) upon its founding. The event was hosted by the Network Infrastructure Division of the General Administration of Armament of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, along with other official organizations.

Only 12 companies have formed the IT-Military Alliance. The founding ceremony was marketed as an opportunity for the industry to pay tribute to the People’s Liberation Army in celebration of its 76th anniversary. Feitian notes on its website that “the head of the General Armament Department has expressed deep interest in Feitian’s products,” and that “Feitian will inevitably provide serious service to the military giant market under the grand strategy of ‘civil-military integration’, and thus do our duty to help build infrastructure The nation’s informational defense!”[8]

In short: 100% state contact, part of the Chinese military alliance, agents such as the government’s Public Security Agency.

Companies in China cannot refuse to engage in intelligence activities. This is very clearly stipulated in Section 7 of China’s new National Intelligence Law of 2017,” Oren wrote in an email.

The law states: “All organizations and citizens shall, in accordance with the law, support, cooperate and cooperate in national intelligence work, and maintain the secrecy of national intelligence work that they know. The state will protect individuals and organizations that support, cooperate and cooperate in the work of national intelligence.”

And it says something about Google that profit comes before safety and Google can’t do simple due diligence |  :(

Under no circumstances would I recommend this key to anyone in my network, and if you want a key, go for it.

Authentic trend: a Taiwanese company made in China, but you risk less because your information is in Taiwan
Yubico: generally known (you can also ask yubico for certain keys that are made in Sweden rather than the US if you fear back doors)

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