Nearly 800,000 viewers see B&B’s Debbie send Jelmer away full of love | show

Nearly 800,000 viewers see B&B's Debbie send Jelmer away full of love |  show

UpdateIt’s a back and forth at Debbie’s bed and breakfast, who reappeared last night on RTL 4 b & with love. Melvin first left beautiful Italy, and now Gilmer doesn’t seem to evoke warm feelings with Debbie. He booked a one-way ticket to Holland with mixed feelings, as he saw 765,000 viewers.

During a walk in picturesque Salerno, word got out. Debbie finds it hard to entertain two men at the same time, and Gilmer doesn’t find his way either. “I’m worried on the inside, I’m going to sit in my head.”

Debbie makes all her decisions based on her gut feeling. I think you are a very beautiful and pure person. You really care, but then I come back to my feelings. Despite all these fine points, but why can’t I feel that way? ”. Gilmer also misses the tension. “Maybe love is magic,” Debbie said. You feel good because it’s clear. Gilmer is relieved and disappointed at the same time. “I think it’s really nice to be here.”

Debbie is now left with Pascal (28), with whom she feels at least befriended. But Pascal is a step forward and hopes for more. He is not sad about Gilmer’s passing. “It’s unfortunate for you, but good for me.” Soon a fourth man will report to Debbie’s B&B.

Meanwhile, Bert is not having easy times in France. Romana left, “Mate”. He’s single with Gwen now, and that keeps exploring.

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