Council member stumbles at rainbow zebra crossing and exits GroenLinks group

Foto: ANP / GroenLinks.

Crossing zebras in all the colors of the rainbow is the reason Oosterhout consultant mit Güler left the GroenLinks faction in Oosterhout. Guler does not want to support the construction of the zebra rainbow crossing and believes the team’s reaction is so strong that he is leaving. He will continue as an independent board member.

GroenLinks Oosterhout wants to invite the city council to build a rainbow zebra crossing. This rainbow flag walker aims to draw attention to the diversity and acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Guler, number six on GroenLinks Oosterhout’s list, did not want to support the construction of the zebra crossing due to his religious conviction. The counselor says he respects all people, regardless of religion, background or preference. Guler replies, “I really know GroenLinks’ positions on gay liberation and I’m not against these people at all. But inclusiveness means you also have to consider people with different opinions.”

“This is an unacceptable situation for an elected council member.”

But the party did not take his opinion into account, according to the chancellor. He was not even allowed to give his opinion about the zebra crossing. “My position was not accepted. I was asked to contact patients if the Zebra Crossing plan was to be voted on.”

According to Guler, GroenLinks reacted “very fiercely” to the fact that he did not want to support the zebra crossing, and no longer felt free to express his opinion within the group. “This is an unacceptable situation for an elected council member.” Consequently, Guler will continue to serve as an independent consultant. “I will continue to work hard for the people who voted for me.”

GroenLinks says it will come up with a response on Thursday.

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