Charlotte Neggs leaves Hart van Nederland, and becomes the new face of EenVandaag | show

Charlotte Neggs leaves Hart van Nederland, and becomes the new face of EenVandaag |  show

Political reporter Charlotte Neggs (34) leaves SBS6 and The heart of the Netherlands. You will be the new face of EenVandaag . opinion board He succeeds Gijs Rademaker who left for RTL.

Unclean, also known for her participation in Who is a mole? And the the smartest personHe describes her new job as “awesome”. She answers, “For me, this is the perfect combination of journalism and politics, where I can allow the voice of society to be heard.” I’m really excited to get started. ”I did it in mid-December. Joyce Bouverhuis will also stay in touch with the board as an introduction.

with Charlotte, the members of the opinion committee will have an ambassador of stature,” says university president Rene van Brakel on the website. one day. After studying at the Faculty of Journalism, Najis previously worked in new and BNNVara. “Charlotte has experience in journalism, has done her job at the heart of the community and knows better than anyone the questions and concerns that exist in the community.”

Charlotte made the difference

The heart of the Netherlands Major will be missed. She was .’s first visible political correspondent The heart of the Netherlands in The Hague, and as a result partly ensured that there is a political editorial team that is making a difference in the Dutch political press”, says editor-in-chief Mark Finningen.

Nijs’ predecessor one dayGijs Rademaker, turns after eighteen years to RTL. He was ready for a new challenge, but left with a “heartache”. Partly because he’ll miss the opinion panel: The 80,000 members (who give their opinions on the news) are anonymous, but the investigations still feel “too intimate” to him.

Gijs Radmaker. © Samuel Van Leeuwen

He previously said: “A lot of people have told me everything: a lot of frustration about the functioning of institutions. But also about loneliness, insecurity, gender, identity, discrimination and racism. I’ve shared it en masse, with tens of thousands per survey. And that was a very intimate feeling, in a good way.”

Nijs made the news recently when she became a mother for the first time. She welcomed her best friend, Ghost, last April Cedric’s son.

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