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Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei has introduced the foldable smartphone at the lowest suggested retail price to date. The Pocket S is another version of last year’s P50 Pocket. The foldable phone is currently only available in China.

The suggested retail price for the Pocket S is 5,988 yuan, which is about 830 euros currently. Samsung’s Z Flip 4 costs 6,898 yuan, while the P50 Pocket was launched last year for 8,988 yuan. The P50 Pocket was introduced in January in the Netherlands with a suggested retail price of €1599; The Z Flip4 costs €1,099 in the Netherlands.

The Pocket S is very similar to the P50 Pocket. The soc has been downgraded to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G, instead of the P50’s 888. There’s also one less camera in the Pocket S. The cheaper version should work without a 32MP UV-light sensor. The Pocket S also has less storage to push the price: 128GB instead of 256GB.

The screen itself is a foldable, 120Hz, 6.9-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1188 x 2790 pixels, plus there’s an additional 1-inch round screen on the outside. Its resolution is 340 x 340 pixels. Messages and navigation instructions can be displayed on it and media can be played.

The phone in China runs on HarmonyOS 3.0. Pocket S will be released in China next week. The manufacturer says nothing about a possible release in Europe.

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