US plans to discuss exporting ASML chip machines to China with Netherlands – Computer – News

China-supplied parts are generally much easier to obtain in other countries, at non-Chinese prices.

“Chinese pricing” is not the only problem. In terms of volumes, you cannot switch to other suppliers “right now”. Even if price isn’t an issue, you can’t quickly switch to non-Chinese sources.

China really has no use for an angry US, it will only bring them losses.

I don’t know yet.
At this point, the country is essentially bankrupt, but still largely in denial.
Even residents are slowly revolting as bank balances freeze, houses go unsold and mortgages are refused.
In addition, energy and food are now becoming a serious problem.
Those protests are not aimed directly at the Chinese government, but against the layers below.
That also makes it a bit harder to work against China because it means they are taking sides, not for the people.
So, in that sense, it is very convenient for China to portray the other side as the common enemy and blame China for all the woes.

In addition, there is another “land” between the West and China. One that can provide energy and “accidentally” fight “the West”.
All this leads to a very unpredictable change in power, the consequences of which are almost impossible to predict.

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