Changing the text in the PS Plus promotional image is stirring rumors again

There have been rumors for a while now that Sony is working on an answer for Microsoft’s Game Pass. It will be a more extended version of PlayStation Plus that will be made available in three levels and currently under the project name ‘Spartacus‘ he have. If we believe the letter from the end of last year, it is due to be published in the spring of this year.

Sony hasn’t made any official announcements and it remains to be seen if anything is true. However to dive more and more Hints employment. For example, Sony recently pulled the single sales of PlayStation Now subscriptions are back Out of retail and now it looks like they’ve also made a small tweak to PlayStatation Plus.

The script for the newly announced titles has been the same for a long time, but this script has been modified for the February games. Now it might be a bit farfetched, but with all the rumors surrounding possible expansion plans, everything can be taken as a hint.

The text accompanying the promotional image for PlayStation Plus games usually reads: “For PlayStation Plus subscribers.” However, this has now been changed to “Available this month at no additional cost”. This would usually make a slight difference, but since layers are used in the new look, it makes sense to give them a more specific interpretation.

But, it can also mean nothing. The fact remains that there seems to be a lot of shifts in the background around the PlayStation Plus, so we hope to have more news soon.

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