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Me too, but it’s not functional and I don’t miss the Windows 10 start menu.
The apps I use often I put from the start bar itself, but the ones I don’t use often I put Win 10 in the same start menu. Here you have a certain freedom to organize (large tile vs small tiles, create groups, have a widget, create folders) and I miss this a lot.

In Windows 11, this is a regular list of rows where each application is the same. For me this is a huge setback, especially because I just put apps here that I don’t use often and sometimes I forget the name (audacity, scrcpy are examples of this) so searching for it will be difficult. I notice now that I’ve been looking for the app for a longer time, while I’ve already found it under Win 10 for a long time.

And the UI elements, yes you can think of what you want but I found it very useful in the few tools that are in the W10. In particular, at least the stock and weather widget under the W10 (every time I hit the start button) gave me a quick update without any specific effort. You now have a panel of advertising widgets that you have to make a specific effort to get into. It is now disabled.

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