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The Xbox app for PC will include integration with HowLongToBeat starting Wednesday. This allows players to see how long it will take to complete the game on the game info page, without leaving the app.

HowLongToBeat It is a website that tracks the duration of games. This takes into account not only the completion of the main story of the game, but also the achievement Achievements Complete all side quests.

Microsoft The feature is currently being rolled out, so it is not available to every user yet. The information can be found under the heading “Details”. It says, among other things, how long it takes to complete the main story and how long it takes to complete the game. Users can also submit their playing times under the View Details via the feature. It also contains additional information, such as user reviews and gameplay styles that other players have used to complete the game.

Furthermore, Microsoft wrote that it improved the performance and stability of the Xbox app for . From now on, the app should start up to 15 percent faster.

Source: Microsoft

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