BZV viewer chanted about Maud and her sister: “Maud in my life” | TV

BZV viewer chanted about Maud and her sister: "Maud in my life" |  TV

As one Monique put it: “First I wanted less mod, now I want more and more mod in my life. I love Maude. She seems to be referring to substance on the social platform. It rained Sunday evening and Monday morning tweets about this participant on the twelfth season of the dating show. successful farmers.

She was the chosen love of farmer Everett, makes the viewer A farmer looking for a wife So happy. “A small earthquake could have been felt all over Holland when he picked Evert Maud. Another wrote. And: ‘I cried yes out loud on the sofa last night when he chose Evert Maud…maybe.'”

In addition to this, Maud’s sister also became very popular with the public. This Fleur not only looks exactly like her, but also behaves in exactly the same way. So some see potential in a television career for Maud or Maud and her sister together. Whether it’s a talk show – “Khaled and Sophie exchange for Maud and her sister Fleur.” – Or a reality show: „I want realistic soap on Everett’s farm with a mod! I want more Maud in my life… It took me a while to get used to it, but Maud”Need to grow on you“And I only see a really nice pure woman!”

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