Modder turns the Fisher-Price controller into an Elden Ring controller – Geeks .

A New Zealand gamer and expert has converted the Fisher-Price console into a console for use with the Elden Ring. Since there are fewer inputs on the game console, he had to make some adjustments.

Fisher Price Monitor

It all started with Joke from Wario64, who posted a link to a demo from the Fisher-Price console, saying “perfect for Elden Ring.” Dylan Beck has worked on console occasionally since then, writes edge† In the meantime, it’s a working console for PC and Elden Ring bootable. The original game console sound effects are still included as well.

elden ring May not be children’s toys, But turning a game console into a real modern console is not easy either. The controller had a copy of the Arduino Pro Micro, while a joystick was also required, because Fisher-Price was actually a button.

Since the modern Xbox console has two joysticks, it is possible to switch between both joysticks using the slider. Then the buttons on the right change their function as well. So it cannot be used at the same time. Pick shows his console in the video† This isn’t the first time someone has played Elden Ring with a custom console. Another player already in use Banana as a controller

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