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How are the participants and relatives of Over My Body now?

How are the participants and relatives of Over My Body now?


In May 2018, Francis’ biggest dream will come true: a trip around the world. When she returns, she is very tired, often ill and has severe headaches. She even became crippled, could no longer take care of herself, goes to work half a day and moves in with her parents. After a referral to an ophthalmologist and an MRI in December 2018, it appears she has a brain tumor.

That’s stable now, and under the circumstances, things are going well with Francis. No new tumors appeared. Francis hopes to be able to return to work in the future, but that depends entirely on the situation. In the update, she also said that she found it interesting to see the other participants in it On My Body† “It truly has a message for the people at home who have nothing: Every single day, so make the most of life.”


Adventurer Patrick lives in Aruba in the year 2019 with his great love Tippi and son Norwin when he suffers from mysterious bowel complaints. In the Netherlands, he did the tests himself and it soon turned out to be a very rare form of colon cancer. On October 26, 2020, Patrick passed away, or as he put it: he traveled to a new portal in his life.

A year and a half after his death, Teppi and his son Norwin gave an update. “We’re trying to get our lives back on, to do fun things,” says Tippi. “We have a beautiful home again for the two of us and we have a lovely place for Patrick there.” They have now moved to Veluwe, but still visit Patrick’s Tree regularly. “We can always go here, including friends and family. When there are birthdays or in the New Year, we have a drink on the tree and a toast to Patrick. That way he’s always with us.”

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Erin has a busy student life in bustling Amsterdam, filled with concerts, festivals, and friends. It all stopped abruptly when on August 22, 2018, she was told that she had metastatic breast cancer. Irene after shooting a On My Body She has moved, thus offering an update to her new home in Demon, where she lives a quieter place. “I’m really enjoying it here,” said Erin, who is still undergoing chemotherapy. Erin hasn’t had a new rash since the last time, but her mom – who also has breast cancer – does. Its status is still intact.


In October 2013, Jip went to the Ardennes with her parents. Jip gets worried and decides to take a walk through the forest on her own. Here she is having her first epileptic seizure. At the hospital, it turned out that Jeb had a brain tumor. at On My Body We can see that Gibb did not let her illness stop her and continued to discover the world. In a short update, she said she had her last chemotherapy in Spain. “I actually feel a great fit, and I’m thankful for that when you think about what my body has been through over the past eight years,” she says. “I also have more confidence that I will be staying there for a long time. Sometimes I don’t even dare say it, but it’s really true.”


While vacationing in Thailand with her parents and sister, 14-year-old Kiki fell ill. In the hospital in Bangkok on July 24, 2019, an unexpected diagnosis was made: Kiki turned out to have liver cancer with metastases in her lungs. Kiki passed away on July 14, 2021. In the season finale, her parents spoke candidly about the loss and felt comfortable in a special seat for their daughter bearing Kiki’s life motto: “If life makes you stumble, flip it.”

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Life smiles at Roy. Until he had several epileptic fits in December 2018, it was revealed in the hospital that he had a brain tumor. He also recently contracted a virus in his respiratory system, and was also taken to the hospital. So, it’s not going well for Roy, who gets a lot of happiness from his son – who was born during filming. “According to the doctor, it may take a while for me to be here,” Roy explains. This also stops his chemotherapy for some time. “It’s just now that I’m getting worse and I have to get better before I get worse again – to get a little crazy.”

Roy has more bad news: The treatment is completely over. “That was a really hard blow for us happy And it’s always nice to be (…), that’s gone for a while. “However, he will not give up and will only make more beautiful memories.”

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