June 5, 2023

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PC Building Simulator 2 With Over 1200 Components Coming This Year – Games – News

Developer Spiral House has announced the release of PC Building Simulator 2. The successor to the original 2018 version will include an expanded career mode for PC builders. The game will be released exclusively on the Epic Games Store this year.

Spiral House in the trailer showcases the different cans, video cards, and cooling options that are in the computer building simulator 2 It is possible to use it. The simulation game also gets extensive options for RGB lighting application and liquid cooling. The cans are supplied with stickers and a spray can be seen at the end of the joke, which is a possible indication that the cans could be fitted with a different color in this way.

The game will have a career mode that will keep PC creators busy for at least thirty hours, that’s a promise. Originally, players in this mode had to make changes to existing systems or build new computers for money, which could be used for new parts.

At the rear, a total of more than a dozen components from more than forty companies can be used. This includes at least Intel, AMD, Nvidia and ASUS, as can be inferred from the video.

Moreover, Spiral House promises a more realistic experience than the first version of PC Building Simulator. This game was released as an early access game on Steam in 2018 and 2019 For PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch† Last year, the Epic Games Store offered the game for free. PC Building Simulator 2 will be released exclusively this year In the Epic Games Store Unknown price.

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