Buying unattended for the second time is for sale

Buying unattended for the second time is for sale

Joeke and Fernant can be seen in 2020 in the eighth episode of season two and would like to continue living in Amsterdam, but that market is too narrow. This is why the two are looking for a home in Haarlem, even though they both work in Amsterdam. But their desires in Harlem also turn out to be difficult to fulfill and eventually Joeke and Fernant have to compromise. They decide to go to a bigger house, but in a suburb.

When the two finally stand in front of the house, they are not immediately excited. Joeke in particular thinks the green front door is “awful”.

Fortunately for the couple, there is still 115,000 euros left to restore the ruin, although this is quite a task. Bob describes the renovation as the show’s “biggest transformation ever” and although the couple were excited at first, they are now swapping the house for another.

The house is perfect for those who love distinctive architecture, but aren’t slick. All updates have been made for you by the TV show team Buy without looking’, is how the 1920s corner house advertises on Funda.

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