Controversial dog breeder draws court’s attention: Business must close in mid-March

Controversial dog breeder draws court's attention: Business must close in mid-March

The controversial Eersel breeder is not allowed to breed dogs in the Grote Aardweg. This was determined by the State Council on Wednesday. The breeder did not think it was fair that the municipality of Eiersel did not allow the breeding of dogs in the current location and resumed. But this court also ignored the breeder’s objections.

Dog breeders engage in various measures: the municipality does not allow breeding on the plot of land he works on, and the NVWA has confiscated more than 400 dogs due to poor breeding conditions.

The municipality of Eiersel specified in the zoning plan that only a livestock trading company, a pig-weighing factory and a slaughterhouse are allowed on the plot on the Grote Aardweg. The dog breeder did not agree to this because it would also allow other farming businesses to be set up, and furthermore, the breeder argued, there are also similar situations in the area that are tolerated.

The judge did not agree with all this and stated that the division plan is clear. This is why all dogs must go and a fine of €2,500 per week, up to a maximum of €25,000 per week, will be maintained.

The judge changed the six-week period during which breeding must be closed. The breeder will have six weeks to close his case from the moment this new ruling is issued. This means that the breeder must be closed from mid-March. If not, the municipality can collect the agreed penalty.

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