January 27, 2023

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An LDL participant is actually on fire throughout history

An LDL participant is actually on fire throughout history

After a year of solitude, 24-year-old Jeron, who is “just looking for a nice woman,” believes he deserves a partner again. matchmaker from long term love They chose 21-year-old Chantal from Culemborg for him, who has now been on the market for half a year and is not lacking in self-confidence.

Experienced in car sales, Jeroen has long known that Chantal is looking for a bad boy model with plenty of horsepower in his arms. But the 21-year-old proves unimpressed and plays bored with her lighter as she tries to get to know each other a little better. Then comes karma’s turn, according to Twitter.

“I burn my hair myself!” Chantal, who described herself earlier in the broadcast as “above average handsome”, suddenly cried, stunned. “When I go somewhere on an app, or on WhatApp, I get about a thousand compliments a day,” Chantal says.

Despite the hot evening, the flame between Chantal and Gerwin did not go away. The 21-year-old decided to pack her bags and head home. She writes to her friend: “Hell no, I’ll renew with this ugly.” This, according to many viewers, is the best solution:

long term love It can be seen on SBS6 every business day at 7:00 PM. Watch Thursday’s episode here back.

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