Buy iPhone 14 when you go abroad (here’s why)

Buy iPhone 14 when you go abroad (here's why)

If you travel abroad a lot, now it’s smart to take your iPhone 14 with you. But why exactly?

Often abroad: Buy the iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 range has some very useful features that are always at hand. Especially since the security features are very nice and have saved the lives of many iPhone 14 owners.

Especially the iPhone 14 satellite SOS emergency notification regularly saves lives outside. The function also works in the Netherlands, but we admit: you probably won’t need this function quickly in our small country.

However, it is a very useful feature to have on your smartphone. After all, everyone goes on vacation abroad from time to time. Have you ever gone really far for a hike? Or camping? So it is of course a welcome addition.

Want to know how the satellite SOS emergency notification works on iPhone 14? Then read the article below!

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Now also in Australia

By the way: if Australia is also on your vacation list, double good news. Because SOS emergency notification via satellite has also become available recently. In countries like this, it’s always good to have certainty anyway. Not only can the location be dangerous, you also have to watch out for some of the local animals. Of course, other functions work there too such as accident detection.

iPhone 14 in a nutshell

iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch screen and the A15 Bionic processor. You may remember this chip from its predecessor, the iPhone 13 (although that chip is now a bit faster). The iPhone 14 camera is again slightly better than the iPhone 13 (especially in low light). In addition, the selfie camera has a larger aperture and autofocus.

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