Viewers Flyken Maastricht were disappointed at the end of the season: “Was that him?”

Viewers Flyken Maastricht were disappointed at the end of the season: "Was that him?"

The episode opens on Friday with the murder of Belgian detective Juliette de Kooning, leading Eva Wolves to suspect it. Bad guy Eddie is still alive. But Commissioner Thea Zatman stops them from pursuing them, although, of course, they are not going to stop.

Then Eva Wolves reconstruct what happened to Eddie after the shooting and they slowly track him down. But Eddie took that into account…

Despite the exciting storyline surrounding Eddie, many fans are still disappointed by the cliffhanger. Earlier in the series, the role was played by Tygo Gernandt, but in season seventeen, actor Ruud Smulders takes over the role of the criminal because Tygo cannot continue playing Eddie ‘due to special circumstances’. One wrote on Twitter: “Bring back Tygo Gernandt.” Another says he’s done with the story.

More fans are unhappy with the episode’s ending, as Wolves orders Eva to call 911 after he shoots her brother.

The broadcaster has already announced that there will be an 18th season anyway. If it were up to lead actress Angela Schegff, there would also be a 19th season, she previously told RTL Boulevard.

Members Police men You can also tune in to NPO1 on Friday night in the coming weeks, as the new Dutch crime series premieres on May 26th. unknown – Created by the creators of Benoza – Starting with the transmitter. In the series, history teacher Jory (Jeroen Spitzenberger) and prosecutor Sarah (Annick Pfeiffer) fight the criminal world in their own ways. Although the two have been married for years, they keep their double lives a secret from each other in order to protect each other and their families. The situation is getting more and more dangerous and their children are not safe either.

unknown It can be seen every Friday at 8.30pm on BNNVARA on NPO 1 starting May 26th. Policemen Maastricht looks for you here behind.

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