Bridget Masland is still in contact with her ex-mother-in-law, Rachel Hazes

Bridget Masland is still in contact with her ex-mother-in-law, Rachel Hazes

Although the turbulent love life between Bridget and Andre is long over, this does not mean that the relationship with her mother-in-law is over for the presenter. “Why can’t I be friends with her? I’m sure I’d keep in good contact with my first mother-in-law if she was still alive,” says Bridget.

Bridget and her ex-mother-in-law Rachel get along very well and they also went on vacation together during their relationship with Andre. “We find each other very cute and cute, and I can laugh with her, because she is a very funny woman,” said the presenter. beautiful world.

Obviously there is still a connection between the two, but Bridget stresses that the whole thing is very innocent: “Well, we sometimes call and like each other on Instagram. That’s what people see, but of course it’s not close,” she admits.

After breaking up with Andre, the presenter briefly dated her ex-lover Christian, an unknown Dutchman. Despite the fact that Bridget is now used to being in the spotlight, she decided to approach it differently in her love life from now on. “I’ll keep my relationships to myself from now on. I’ve never wanted to do that in public, it’s not really my cup of tea’she says.

Bridget is currently single and only son Mays knows how to make her heart beat faster.

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