Apple Music App Plays for LG TVs with webOS 4.0 or later – Pictures & Audio – News

Well, the article is about Apple Music on TV. Then Apple Music (and its Lossless or Lossless Deals) vs. Spotify is very suitable because it is about playing music on TV and ecosystems. @real fu Then he went on to say:

whoops! I’m also considering an Apple trial subscription now that I know Apple Music, including lost data transfer rates, is available on LG. Not just for bitrates, by the way, but also because we’re reasonably in this Apple ecosystem.

It will certainly depend on your hardware, and even then it’s questionable whether you really notice anything, but if the hardware is compatible with it, I personally prefer (without additional costs, as with Apple) “lossless” (with lower resolutions ) device (on a stable or unlimited data connection), although I probably wouldn’t notice a difference between them. I certainly don’t notice that with higher quality earphones, speakers or personal devices than AirPods Pro, I think there’s less or no pressure than when AAC/Ogg is on and that it could benefit from fullness (especially in the case of the speakers) . A placebo might be fine if people think they hear a distinct difference, but I’m not going to be without a hitch anymore.

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