BKS23: Julian Casablancas is trying to scare everyone away from The Voidz

BKS23: Julian Casablancas is trying to scare everyone away from The Voidz

What does it say that Julian Casablancas has made more music with The Voidz in the past 15 years than with The Strokes? Wasn’t it up to him? Or does he feel at home in the midst of the mess? The truth is, he’s here again, a year after his search for “Lady of the Lake” with The Strokes.

This time he is looking for his audience. While his band appears to be playing three songs in a row and vice versa, Julian looks at it from the corner in the direction of the second stage from which crowds of people come, Charlotte Adigiri has just finished. Playboy logo leather bib, fluorescent glove, that’s the outfit. Yes yes, people are coming. The question is how long it will take to hunt them down.

Voidz is a jumble of styles that don’t fit together at all. Punk rock with synthesizers and metal riffs? Oh, and autoplay on that annoying sound, whatever you want. There are teams that manage to create something amazing with these contrasting elements – take Yves Tumor or Foxygen. But Casablancas and his six strangers are brewing a witch’s soup that really doesn’t taste like anything. “Hello, where are you going?” Casablancas calls to the edge of the field. “Do you have better things to do, you stupid idiots!” Nobody laughs. It’s not funny either. In fact, it’s not even meant to be funny.

the moment:
After forty minutes, The Voidz stops. People turn and walk away. Ah, what did we see? A beautiful song and a half from a bored rock star who, under the guise of alienation, raves about him. Depressed by his success, he sets out to do the exact opposite of what made The Strokes so good. About three minutes later, the band reappeared at an unusual festival. Nobody turns around and quickly returns to the stage.

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