Brigadier General Joyce must deliver shocking news: ‘She died’

Brigadier General Joyce must deliver shocking news: 'She died'

Iwot enters Arnhem office With six different pairs, including Joyce and Kiss. Kiss has been in the police for eleven years, and the action and feel of his work gives him excitement every day. Joyce has also been in this field for fifteen years. In the meantime, the social aspect is most important to her as she initiates the conversation rather than maintaining it.

Talks have been difficult for the past two years due to the coronavirus, which unfortunately continues to dominate the world. The virus also played a role during one of the reports on Tuesday night’s episode. The episode shows how Joyce and Case are told that a woman who has tested positive for coronavirus has called for help, worries about her mother and stands in front of a locked door. Although the officers in the car on their way home still laughed a little, the situation turned out to be dangerous.

Upon entering, it becomes clear that the lady is unfortunately no longer alive. “Unfortunately, we found the lady dead in bed. (…) She was very neatly lying in a kind of ‘sleep,'” Joyce said to Ewott calmly. Because she had been through these kinds of situations before, she now knows what to expect.” When she enters That room, you’re already thinking: There could be someone lying here. He’s an adult.”

Although the situation is horrific enough, Joyce also has to pass on the sad news to the deceased lady’s daughter – who is still waiting outside. She tries to reassure her: “Your concerns were fully justified.” Joyce found that the woman continues to thank her afterward with “the most unusual”. “You don’t have to thank me for this. I also think it’s awful to say this,” she told Ewout.

Arnhem office It can be seen every Tuesday evening at 8.30pm on RTL 4 and in Videoland.

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