Braves react to the loss of Charlie Morton

Braves react to the loss of Charlie Morton

The Atlanta Braves Take a big win 6-2 over Houston Astros In game 1 of World Championship But the victory came at a price. Charlie Morton was injured in the leg by being hit by a ball by Houston’s first captain Yuli Gouriel. He finished the game and then came back for the third and Jose Altuff hit but left the match. Braves later announced that an X-ray showed a fracture of his right fibula and that Morton would be lost for the rest of the World Series.

“He wanted to keep going because he was in the tunnel and was throwing into the wall, and he said it hurt me more when I run. I feel good when I throw,” Snicker said of Morton between turns. “Then she obviously didn’t.”

This is clearly a huge blow to the Braves who have not only lost their first player but also their most experienced player in the playoffs.

“Just the fact that he wants to keep going. They were watching him with X-rays. That’s Charlie. He wants to be on this stage,” Snicker said. I really hate it for him. He is an amazing person and a teammate. I really hate him because I know he’s really looking forward to this run with us. So we will move. “

Moving forward won’t be easy, but it’s something they have to do. Atlanta actually lost Huascar Ynoa to a shoulder injury during their post-season. Kyle Wright was added to the World Championship roster after throwing just 6 and a third of that major league game in 2021. The Braves have options, only none of them are close to Morton’s caliber.

“They’re talking about it now as we do,” Snicker said of Morton’s replacement. “It’s like the other day when Soler came in and was scratched out of the line-up two hours before the game. I just told Alex, and I said, ‘Don’t worry, these guys are going to keep working. They’re going to keep fighting. They’re going to keep fighting. We’ve been through this many times this year’ We lost the main components of our club.”

When Morton was injured, he showed no signs of discomfort. He went out and completed the game, then came back and hit another hitter before he came out.

“When the inning is over, we get together and talk about what’s going on,” Travis Darno said. “He said, ‘Oh, that made me good.’ He was walking a little funny. I didn’t think he was broken. I just thought he took a short drive off his leg. But going there and hitting the next guy with a broken leg, it just blows my mind.”

This Braves team overcame a lot of obstacles to return to the World Championship. They have overcome multiple injuries to key players like Ronald Akuna Jr. and Mike Soroka. Even Darno himself has been out for months with a thumb injury. Overcoming Morton’s loss wouldn’t be easy, but it was a good thing that they were able to win the first game.

“Yes, it’s hard to lose Charlie,” Darno added. “The person he’s at the club, the teacher he’s at the club with, especially at this time of year, is so valuable. For us to lose him in the first game, that’s a dagger, but he’s still there with us, he’s encouraging us, he’s still trying to teach us. Everything he learned during his career and career.

So, it’s just a little speed bump, but I think we’ll all stay together, stay tight, and just keep loving each other.”

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