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Saber Interactive has announced the arrival of the horror-adventure game A Quiet Place. This game will have the same title as the popular horror and sci-fi movie from 2018, but it will tell its own story in the movie world.

Saber Interactive is collaborating with developers Illogika and Ep1t0me to develop the game, but offers few details. in a saved game website It only states that it will be a “horrifying game” and that players can experience an unprecedented survival story set in the world of A Quiet Place. So it is likely that the game will not be directly based on the movie and the events.

Publisher Reports It is going to be a story-driven horror game with adventure elements, where the suspense, emotion and drama from the movies will be present as well. The game will be released sometime in 2022, although the exact release date has yet to be announced.

Illogika, among other things, is involved in the development of the game. This is a Montreal-based studio that employs people who have previously worked on Rainbow Six and Far Cry games. Ep1t0me is a developer from Austin, Texas.

A Quiet Place hit theaters in 2018 and is about a family trying to survive in a world where most people have been killed by predatory aliens. These aliens are blind, but their hearing is very good, so even the slightest noise can be fatal. The film was well received and got a sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, earlier this year.

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