Katja Schurmann wants to follow a different path in the next six months | stars

Katja Schurmann wants to follow a different path in the next six months |  stars

“After more than 25 years of delving into project after project, whether it be a movie, TV show, book, my own production company, clothing line, sustainable jewelry line, or social enterprise, I want to see what the 46-year-old Katya says. : “It happens when I am not full of time.” “I have done many things which I am proud of, and which I find valuable, but I also engage in nonsense regularly. Just because he came my way and I said yes.”

According to Katya, there are still many things that make her heart beat faster. They say they’ve been on her to-do lists for “years”. “At the bottom of. So that I never turn around. I’m 46 now. I hope to have a whole life ahead of me. I’m curious about what the next 46 years could bring me if I dare to open up about it. If I don’t take the path that I’ve been on.” In it for a long time naturally, because that’s what I ended up with at some point.”

Katya does not rule out the possibility that she will return on the same path, but perhaps also “something completely different.” “I’m certainly not just referring to work, but to life itself. (…) I will continue to do my work for returntosender, as well as promoting the two films and mini-series coming out next year, and I will continue to design some great shoes here and there. But in the near future, I will basically wander around, probably get lost, read, write, walk, get bored, waste time and cuddle a lot with my girls. I will definitely share ideas that might result with you on my social media! Love!”

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