January 27, 2023

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Bitcoin whale met 1.000 BTC uit 2013 weer actief

Bitcoin whale active again with 1,000 BTC from 2013 » Crypto Insiders

Bitcoin (BTC) The price has been dropping since November of last year, and the situation has been particularly bloody over the past few weeks. All the way to the bottom, the price has already fallen by more than 30% in two weeks. So far, this has caught the attention of major bitcoin owners. yesterday Is a wallet address again after 8.5 years in a serious way became active.

Send a lot of BTC

WhaleAlert found out. In total, about 2,100 BTC were sent yesterday from a series TitleSin large amount of bitcoins. At a price of about 27 thousand euros, it is worth 54 million euros.

The smallest amount sent was 100 BTC, which is the largest amount wa1000 bitcoins. All of these wallets are empty at the time of writing, and a wallet of 1,000 tokens is derived according to Blockchain.com from 2013. WaleAlert wrote that it is active again after 8.5 years, but this is not true. The address is simply the source of many transactions, but this is the first address of this size. Address now empty

WDo you have big plans?

Not only was the address in question big, the other eight addresses had a total of 1,100 BTC. These addresses are now empty as well. He. She The total was sent to two addresses, the largest at the time of writing She has 2000 bitcoins† We do not know who owns the portfolio and the motives are not clear.

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However, the timing is amazing. We may be on the eve of a major financial crisis that is likely to affect every market. It is also clear that Cryptocurrency Then it will hit. Maybe the whale wanted to sell it. This is possible via exchanges, but also via over the counter (OTC) Agreements Made. So it is possible that these types of transactions cannot be seen using exchange flows