December 6, 2022

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With this audition on X Factor, Måneskin's panties began her fairy tale |  Eurovision 2022 in Turin

With this audition on X Factor, Måneskin’s panties began her fairy tale | Eurovision 2022 in Turin

Italian rock musicians from Måneskin return tonight on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest, which, thanks to their experience, takes place in Turin last year. Few acts have been as successful after their wins in recent years as the band, but how did their fantasy novel begin? Going back five years to the local version of the talent show x factor

Although the musicians were only 18 years old, they had already made a deep impression on the jury. Frontman’s band Damiano David was also very private in 2017, a year after they formed. Contrary to usual, the group did not play a song by another artist in the audition, but their own.

Damiano David in the audition. © YouTube X Factor Italy

The band, made up of Victoria de Angelis (bass), Thomas Raggi (guitar) and Ethan Torchio (drums), was known as to choose To impress the four judges. They eventually finished second in the final, but earned a recording contract. The audition song became the main track for their first EP, which was a huge hit in their country.

The band also sang their own version of Madcon’s Beggin’ pop song during the X Factor era:


It was the beginning of a triumphal march full of sold-out halls, songs and performances on the biggest TV shows. For Damiano, it was also the ultimate revenge. He often heard from teachers that little would come of it. “I will brag about all the teachers who said I would do nothing in life,” he told Italian media earlier.

The money the band members earned at the time went to their costumes, among other things. For example, they liked to search the markets. “There’s my grandfather’s basement, he’s 88 years old and he’s got a lot of cool stuff,” Damiano said, stressing the audience would never see him without a pencil.


Manskin. © Environmental Protection Agency

The band likes the favor anyway. “Because the public in Italy is tired of the good man with blue eyes who neither swears nor smokes,” Damiano said. “I think it’s time for a rock star destroying hotel rooms.”

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest, the band performed internationally; This is how they recorded a song With Iggy Pop iconNikki de Jagger did it Make-up From Damiano and Victoria online with Photos of her topless† Tonight they sing their new song Supermodelwhich is the same Did not train on the site

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