Bio van Ervin Dorenz defends Chantal Janzen: “I don’t agree!”

Angela de Jong en Beau van Erven Dorens

Beau van Ervin Dorenz jumps to break through Chantal Janzen. He doesn’t think she was disappointed as a presenter to the Eurovision Song Contest. “I do not agree with that.”


Yesterday Angela de Young participated in the Beau van Erven Dorens talk show for a look back at her last TV year. Of course, the Eurovision Song Contest cannot be missed. Not Chantal Janzen, but Nikki de Jagger was lauded after the Song Festival as the big star of the foursome. It’s still a bit painful for Chantal.

head and shoulders

Pooh: “The Nikkie videos were really cool, right?”

Miljuschka Witzenhausen: “Anyway, I really thought it was head and shoulders … of course they were all good, but she has a kind of accent with speaking English and for me she is also the embodiment of the new form. We are moving towards z an all. It should be all Someone able to get a place.”

“There was only one star”

Angela agrees. “I really thought: This will be the Chantal Janzen show. And she did really well, but there was only one star and that was Nikki.”

Then Beau jumps into the breach in favor of his RTL 4 teammate Chantal. “I don’t agree with that, because I think if you had Chantal as anchor, the other three wouldn’t have made it without that anchor.”


Angela: “I think so too and I think she was really good, but you can see at all times it was Nikki who managed to get all the attention. Of course that’s partly because of the length, but also because of the ease with which she stood there. She hadn’t made a show. Live yet, especially it wasn’t such a live show, and I thought that was impressive.”

Gerard Euling: “She speaks great English.”

led the team

Miljuschka suddenly realized that she might have missed Chantal a little bit: “What I also thought was cool about Chantal, was that she was actually the one who was leading the team, without even realizing it. If you can do that and get a lot of names… that you can take a step back Looking back, you really are a great presenter.”

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