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Screenshots have emerged showing Android 13, codenamed Tiramisu. Screenshots show that Google is working on a number of new features. For example, apps must have prior permission from users to be able to send notifications.

One of the new features in Android 13 is that apps that send notifications must ask permission from users, just as it already does with apps that want to access, among other things, the users’ camera, location, and contact list. When users start an app for the first time, they have to give the app explicit permission to send notifications. XDA Developers, who post screenshots That with Android 12 or older apps, this permission is already granted automatically.

Moreover, a setting has been added that allows users to modify the language for each app. This eliminates the need to change the entire system language if people want to use a specific app in a different language, and this app doesn’t really have a built-in language selection menu. Finally, the screenshots show a new option to customize the clock layout on the lock screen. According to XDA Developers, this feature may soon be available in Android 12L.

The screenshots come from a “very early” version of Android 13, according to XDA Developers. So the site warns that it’s not certain that all the functionality discovered will be in the first developer preview of Tiramisu next year.

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