Bill Belchik wants to allow coach challenges in less than two minutes

Bill Belchik wants to allow coach challenges in less than two minutes

FOXBORO, MA – New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the longest-serving coach in the league, reiterated his position Monday that coaches should be allowed to challenge play in under two minutes.

Belichick did so after being asked about a major play in the Minnesota Vikings’ thrilling 33-30 overtime win over the Buffalo Bills, where the Buffalo receives Gabe DavisOfficials did not review the 20-yard catch with 17 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter.

The NFL vice president in charge of Walt Anderson later said that the play — which was crucial to setting up a restricted field goal to send the game into overtime — It should have been reviewed and judged incomplete.

The NFL does not allow challenge play coaches in the last two minutes before the break or end of regulation, in part so they are not allowed to strategically manipulate challenges to stop the clock.

“Provided that the team is up for a challenge, they should have the opportunity to really challenge any game. I’m on the record for that,” Belichick said in his video conference on Monday.

In an interview Monday on WEEI Sports Radio, Belichick added: “There were other examples of this, plays that happened in situations where teams couldn’t challenge because the rules are prohibited. [it].

“I’m going forward, stuff like that, you can’t challenge it. I’m not talking about it. I’m saying I don’t have the ability to challenge a play that can affect the outcome of the game – even calls like catch and pass interference and things like that – I don’t understand why These plays cannot be reviewed [by a coach’s challenge]. “

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Belichick is in his 48th season as an NFL coach and is 28 as a head coach, making him one of the most influential voices in league affairs.

Minnesota first-year coach Kevin O’Connell, who was drafted by Belichick in 2008 as a quarterback, said of Davis’ reception on Sunday: “It was right in front of me. I didn’t think that was a thing. The situation, it has to be something either from the top. [in the press box with the replay official]Or maybe New York? [at the replay center]. We didn’t get any clarification on that. I asked.

As for Belichick, whose team was on the weekend, he often prefers to keep his comments on NFL rules private among coaches at the league’s annual meeting.

After sharing his thoughts on Monday’s Davis play, he added, “The rules are the rules. The Competition Committee and the League vote on those rules. Whatever they are, that’s what they are.”

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