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Microsoft will process the updated version of Quick Assist in Windows 10 and 11. Since the introduction of the updated Quick Assist app, in May this year, the app is no longer installed on Windows by default. reports that. The integration of Quick Assist into Windows eliminates the need for the needy user to go to the Microsoft Store to install the app. Additionally, installing the app requires administrator approval, which the user may also find confusing or impossible in this scenario.

Quick Assist was released in May this year To replace. The previous app also comes with Windows 10 and 11, so people in support jobs can rest assured that the app is always there and ready to use. When replaced with a Microsoft Store variant, it was not automatically installed on systems. The old app immediately refused service and pointed to the Store version.

For example, with Quick Assist, help desk staff can generate a code that the needy person can enter into the same app. After that, the savior gets a remote desktop-like control of the system. The application can also be started using the key combination ctrl + win + q. On Windows 10 22H2 and later versions of Windows 11 Release Preview, Quick Assist should be present as a system app again.

How-to video (older) from Microsoft about Quick Assist

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