Guild Wars publisher NCSoft released the third edition of the Sci-Fi MMO – Games – News

South Korean company NCSoft has announced a new type of game that the company is not known for: shooter. Moreover, the game is both an MMO and an open world game, which suits those South Koreans.

The game is called LLLBut the company also refers to it as Project Trailblazer. The game further becomes a sci-fi game with an alternate history, where an event from the past has had a huge impact on the future in which the game takes place.

The game world should cover 30 square kilometers, which consists of “connected” areas. It’s not entirely clear if that means no loading screens between regions. Furthermore, the game world contains “destroyed torrents and the Byzantine Empire from the 10th and 23rd centuries merged into the same thing.” knowledge“.

NCSoft also shared gameplay and an interview with a developer in video and text form. The game should be released in 2024 for PC and console. NCSoft is also known for Lineage, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, and others. The company is also rumored to be working on a game set in the Horizon universe: Zero Dawn.

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