A cute and talented presenter slowly floats down the drain | Angela is watching TV

violently?  I think Sinterklaas news is a matter of taming this year |  Angela is watching TV
  • AD Groot

    31 minutes ago

    Well… he has to earn alimony somewhere…

  • M Van den Berg

    34 minutes ago

    Unfortunately, you’re right, I also thought Renzi would do just fine, but that’s disappointing. So we have more to go, like Wendy, Chantal, Patty and Gijp badly in need of replacement. There will be new people to be found. who don’t have to offer a lot of software at the same time. Linda also dated as an actress and presenter.

  • Dixtra

    45 minutes ago

    This weekend on SBS6 I watched Wendy and her son Sim in Code van Coppens. I haven’t noticed anything negative about Wendy in this game show. However, Angela managed to name Wendy for no reason and make her disappear into the TV “drain”. What’s going on between Angela and Wendy You’re asking yourself more and more, what happened between these two people we don’t know as viewers?

  • Wouter van de Forest

    59 minutes ago

    Well, if Renzi’s hand gets released, Jinek and Beau will be superfluous. And they have long-term contracts, so…

  • Anita Fine

    1 hour ago

    Wim Koelewijn Do you know what makes me tired: ANDRÉ HAZES JR. !!!! Are you still a singer? If not, why all this ridiculous information about this guy? And now all these talk shows have guys who know everything about each other, apparently, talking because the presenter does not interfere or want to express their opinions themselves (Sophie and Khaled). Many of them are incompetent and not sufficiently knowledgeable. Only Jinek stays upright, but he’s on the wrong leg. Hunger for Groen Paw…

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