March 29, 2023

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Biden's first opponent to the President of the United States launches his campaign |  outside

Biden’s first opponent to the President of the United States launches his campaign | outside

The first female Democratic nominee to run for incumbent President Joe Biden in 2024 kicks off her campaign in Washington, DC, on Saturday. This is the second time that 70-year-old Marian Williamson, a very popular author of self-help books, has run for president.

In 2020, Williamson quickly had to throw in the towel, as she was unable to convince very few voters of her left-wing dreams. That didn’t stop her from trying again this year. “There were crazier candidates vying for the presidency,” she said, referring to the year Donald Trump was elected president.

“I’m not going to run again just to be a talking point,” said Williamson. “I am running for president to end the current political system that has been corrupted by big business. I hope for a fresh start.”

Few candidates

According to experts, Williamson has a good chance this time, because there are not many Democrats who want to take on Biden. The vast majority of the Democratic establishment has aligned itself with incumbent President Biden, who, despite his 80-year-old age, does not consider himself too old for a second term.

Williamson stated, “I feel like my 40 years of experience helping people gives me a unique perspective on what it takes to get America back. We need politicians who treat not just the symptoms, but the cause. One person won’t solve all the problems, not even the president.” But a president who says things as they are can do a lot of good,” she launched herself, calling on her fans to join her campaign.

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