Is the new PlayStation headset worth its price?

Is the new PlayStation headset worth its price?

Virtual reality may not have really taken hold among gamers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fans of this way of experiencing games on reflex. Jasper and Koss are two of them. Guests who often buy VR headsets with their own money. Because they find experience to be of added value. Last month, PlayStation released the PSVR2. Jasper bought one himself and Koss took the editor’s copy with him. How did they like this new device, which has an exorbitant price of 600 euros. Whether they think this piece of hardware is worth the investment you can see and hear in our PSVR2 review.

PSVR2 review: Can this console compete with the PC competition?

Quoting the PSVR2’s website: “Innovative PlayStation VR2 Sense™ technology brings emotion and immersion to life through precise headphone vibrations, 3D audio technology, and intelligent eye-tracking, combined with PS finger sensing, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. The console VR2 Sense Control”. Look at the PR bleating and you’ll realize that this is an impressive piece of engineering that brings PlayStation’s VR mode much closer to the competition on PC. Because that’s always been the biggest complaint about PSVR. That the images were very grainy and a far cry from what would have been possible on a computer. Is this difference no longer the case? You hear the answer from Jasper and Koss.

What is the lineup of games for the new VR headsets?

And a virtual reality headset is nothing without games. What about the lineup of games available for PSVR2? Will there finally be true groundbreaking productions? Or does it remain mostly unobtrusive? We know both gentlemen are doing great in Gran Turismo 7 VR, but is there more worth playing? You will see and hear the answer in this element, which is very suitable for virtual reality.

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