January 31, 2023

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Three killed in a burning candle in a hospital in Ukraine |  abroad

Three killed in a burning candle in a hospital in Ukraine | abroad

Three people have died in a fire in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Ukraine where Corona patients are cared for. Four people were also injured. This was stated by the Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday. A burning candle was lit.

An employee of the Kosev Hospital in western Ukraine was said to have lit a candle near a number of oxygen cylinders on Tuesday evening in honor of a recent coronavirus patient. It caught fire immediately. Medical equipment also caught fire.

Two women and a man were killed in the fire. Two of the dead were patients. Four people were also injured, including three doctors. Two sustained partial burns. Nothing is known about the fate of the employee who lit the candle.

Pure oxygen cylinders, which are widely used to treat COVID-19 patients, are highly flammable. Two fires broke out in a hospital in Ukraine in February, resulting in deaths.

In September, at least 14 people died in a fire at a hospital in North Macedonia where Corona patients were being cared for. It is believed that the explosion of oxygen cylinders was the cause of the fire.

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