Bert is happy with his girlfriend: Amal Delphine leaves us alone

Bert is happy with his girlfriend: Amal Delphine leaves us alone

After a turbulent ten-year relationship, Bert and Delphine put her up while recording temptation island one point behind. Not only during, but also after their relationship breaks up, the atmosphere between them remains toxic. Admittedly, Delphine should not have been called a whore on the show. But Delphine is by no means a saint, as Burt claims in the interview with the Belgian newspaper. “I learned a lot of hateful things about her,” sounds from his mouth.

Burt admits that the months-long “emotional roller coaster” has been difficult to recover. “A lot of feelings went through me during those two weeks, but it wasn’t made sufficiently clear throughout the episodes,” he says. “I know the production has to sum up an entire day in fifty minutes, but I feel like I filmed worse than I am now.”

Whoever sees through it is his new love Kelly. “Let’s hope Delphine will leave us alone.” Burt Kelly has now publicly declared the love on Instagram. “Kelly, I can only thank you for standing by me. You made me believe in and feel love again. I am incredibly happy for you and look forward to our future.” temptation island It wasn’t all gloomy, because he brought you into my life. all’s well That ends well.’

Not only is Burt the one who can deliver amazing verbal punches, Delphine can also do something about it. in a temptation love therapy She remembers their participation in the Love Program:

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