Split on Thin Ice in Vara’s first clue after DWDD was revealed

Split on Thin Ice in Vara's first clue after DWDD was revealed

Fara guide for this week.

In the first issue after the revelations about years of misconduct by Fara star Matthijs van Nieuwkirk, editor-in-chief of The Broadcaster’s Guide Roy van Velsteren, takes up the issue. “How could this have gone off the rails for all these years, why has no one intervened?”

He will also be with Fara guide They stormed after posting in De Volkskrant. Van Velsteren experienced “embarrassment”. He does not mention Van Nieuwkerk’s name in his article, but he summarizes the issue under the headline “Culture of Fear”. DWDD“.

He asks how this file could have been kept secret for years. His answer: “Well, because the world of television is also small. It takes an incredible amount of courage to tell your story, at the risk of losing (…). This is the effect of a small community, where people want to know what they can do with you.”

The division is completed by expressing hope in it DWDD It will go down in history as a legendary talk show. “Then all these people there did their hard work for something beautiful.” On this slippery ice, he wonders how much that thought is a plaster on the wound.

Youp van ‘t Hek, man of hideous exaggeration, takes it even harder. “Roodshamen” is the headline above his weekly column. As usual, it is not always clear where the seriousness ends and the irony and / or sarcasm begins.

He writes, for example, of “terrified editors who were trembling and waiting for the ruthless executioner to walk into the offices with his stern mistress Duke Wynia and each of them had buckets of verbal shit thrown at them”. Van Nieuwkerk is the “brutal presenter” who has the editors “deal with a psychic for the rest of their lives with PTTS.”

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In the letter section directed by Özkan Akyol, the reader raises the issue. In his response, Akyol called it a “media row” and expressed his expectation that the discussions, which are also being conducted internally, will lead to misconduct of this kind not happening again in the future.

Norali Baer dominates the rest of the group, and she made a documentary about the Suriname murders in December. There is also an interest in Sean Connery (as James Bond) and Harry Styles, and in hairstyles as signs of the times. Unfortunately, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk’s haircut and obsession with it are still not up for debate.

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