Pokémon Go developer raises millions for the Metaverse project “Crypto Insiders”

Pokémon Go ontwikkelaar haalt miljoenen op voor metaverse project

Niantic, the developer of the hugely popular Pokémon Go, is now venturing into the “metaverse”. The company closed a new $300 million financing round for the project on November 22:

real world metaverse

Niantic wants to build a so-called “real world” metaverse, perhaps just like Pokémon Go is the “real world” version of the popular PC game series. The project will use augmented reality (With):

“We are building a future in which the real world is covered with digital creations, entertainment and information, making it more magical, fun and informative.”

Niantic founder and CEO John Hanke said. Metaverse refers to a virtual world that does not exist. The hype about this exploded recently when Facebook changed its name to Meta. However, Hanke says she wants to focus the concept more on the real world:

“At Niantic, we believe that people are happiest when their virtual world leads them to a physical one. Unlike metaverse science fiction, the real metaverse will use technology to improve our experience of the world as we have known it for thousands of years.”

$300 million to develop Metaverse

Investment firm Cotoi led the $300 million funding round. Cotoi recently led a $550 million investment round Before Cryptocurrency Payment company MoonPay. Niantic is now valued at around $9 billion, thanks in part to the massive popularity of Pokémon Go.

“Niantic is building an augmented reality platform based on a 3D map of the world that we believe will play an important role in the next transition in computing. We are excited to partner with Niantic as we see this infrastructure underpinning the real world and helping to enable the next evolution of the Internet.”

According to Matt Mazzio of Quatu. However, Niantic does not say if its metaverse will be used blockchain technologyAnd Non-fungible tokens (NFT) encrypt andere.

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