Author: Hannah Patton

Patti Brad is happy with her sister’s community service: ‘I think she should have gotten 800 hours’ | RTL Street

Patty Brad, 69, responded candidly to the conviction of her sister, who was sentenced to community service for embezzlement. They don’t have a good relationship because of things that happened in the past. “If it had been up to Patty, the punishment would have been much higher,” she told Shownieuws. “You treated my father very […]

Schonebeker’s benefits campaign for the Alzheimer’s Foundation raises more than €21,000

More than 21,000 euros. This has now been raised by Schonebeker’s “Eksjun Forever Young” charity campaign. The funds are allocated to the Netherlands Alzheimer’s Foundation. “This exceeds our expectations, and we will be happy if we can raise around 5,000 euros.” That’s what bassist Gerrit Kirkdyke from the band Exjon says, who got the ball […]

Sylvie Mess puts birthday son Damian in the spotlight: ‘You will always be my little boy’ | RTL Street

Damien van der Vaart, son of Sylvie Mies (46 years old) and Rafael van der Vaart (41 years old), celebrates his 18th birthday today. “He’s officially an adult now,” Sylvie wrote in an Instagram message, putting him in the spotlight. “I love you more than words can express” “Congratulations on your 18th birthday, my wonderful […]

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