Lotte Arnink wins Eurovision Song Contest Twenty

Lotte Arnink wins Eurovision Song Contest Twenty

Participants at a Glance

Double 2, Hengelo. No: I have to go.

Sparkling 4 is a female band that has been around for over 17 years. The highly experienced ladies perform a variety of songs, also in several languages, and play the role of the Dutch Andrew Sisters.

Gert Waring, Burger/Riotom. No: The leafy

Born in Borger in Drenthe, lived in Reutum for years. Growing up normally he was a fan of Mooi Wark, and promoted the band. Performing at the Mega Pirate Festijn in Borger made me want more. He is now an artist himself. His song is a cover of The Bellamy Brothers, with lyrics he wrote himself.

Cigar Box Henry, Dalfsen. No cold, no cold.

The cigar box is a relatively unknown instrument in the Netherlands, invented by poor blacks in the Mississippi Delta. Henry makes and plays this instrument like no other.

Jeff Horsthuis, Oldenzaal. No: Lot Joan!

His love of music was nurtured at the Bleichelmoos church, and he was a member of the famous City Boys Choir. He was a German/English teacher, and language was his calling. He is now retired and teaches Italian.

Lotte Arnink, Haaksbergen. No.: Katz van Rabat

Emotional singer. She doesn’t sing in dialect very often. Her song is about Valentine’s Day. She took part in the Twente schieverskakamp and discovered how well the Twente language suited her songs.

Hope Rowell, Latrobe. No: I didn’t have anything to say to you.

Known as HJRM. He is a farmer’s son. Mazar has lived in different places around the world, always staying true to his Twente roots. He makes the Twente country pop. This is his first song in the dialect.

Treasure. No: I’m still crying.

A band recently formed around Twenty music veteran Marcel Engelbertink, the song is about someone you’ve lost and is a cover of American country legend Julie Miller.

Something different, Otmarsum. No: silent sadness.

Participating for the third time. Hans-J├╝rgen Ortmann, Marcel Bont and Ralf Balhuis. This time they bring something completely new, stepping out of their comfort zone with this song.

East Wild. No: Don’t go to town again.

They were only around for a short time, and had rehearsed twice for the preliminary role. They come from the band Greutz, based around singer Luuk Siemerink. Their song is about a boy from the country who goes to the big city, but returns home to a harsh awakening.

Quittert and De Hoop. No: You can’t understand me anyway.

Music with a message, and sometimes a wink. A mix of Dutch hum rock, bathroom blues, and experimental pop, this time with an accent.

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