Gyges Staverman: “I didn’t know what agreements were made between Rob and Talpa.”

NOS newsreader Matijn Nijhuis with Gijs Staverman for Radio 10

Gijs Staverman did not know what agreements existed between Radio 10 and Rob van Someren when he was asked to come to the station. Rob suddenly had to give up his afternoon show and move to the weekend. Owner Talpa and the DJ had to fight it out in court. Gijs Staverman comes from NPO Radio 2 to do the afternoon show. “We have also talked about this together in recent weeks,” Gijs tells De Telegraaf. “I am happy that Rob and Talpa have now reached an agreement and that Rob will stay on the station.”

Gyges wasn’t afraid of not going ahead with his program. “My mother taught me that you shouldn’t think about things until something actually happens. In my case, this new adventure not happening wasn’t a reality, so I didn’t think about it.

Due to the lawsuit between Talpa and Rob van Someren, Gijs Staverman will start his afternoon show “Gijs op 10” a week later than originally planned. In August, newsreader Matijn Nijhuis will join the show team.

The DJ was still having a good time at NPO Radio 2. Then he got a call from Radio 10. “After a number of conversations things started to get better. I’m really excited about doing an afternoon show. People listen more actively at that time than during the day because, for example, they’re on their way home.” In addition, he couldn’t fulfill his TV ambitions at his old broadcaster KRO-NCRV. “I enjoy doing something for TV every now and then in addition to radio. I’ve talked to them about it a few times. Unfortunately, the broadcaster never followed through on his plans. There are opportunities on the horizon in Talpa in this area.

“We’ve already talked about TV ideas.” For example, he could take over the “Battle of the Bands” show from Gerard Ekdom, who left for Radio Veronica. “I would definitely like to do a show with music, but for now I want to focus on my radio show first.”

He was also not allowed to continue his podcast about foster children after one season. “There was no room for that, even though it fit in well with Kro-Ncrv. I thought that was a shame.

Photo: Radio 10

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