Author: Hannah Patton

Princess Alexia borrowed clothes and jewelery from her mother for her first working visit to the show

with picturesThis was her first solo performance. However, Princess Alexia hasn’t had to step out for anything new in recent weeks. Her dress and jewelry come simply from Queen Máxima’s wardrobe. When you live under the same roof with the Netherlands’ greatest fashion icons, it’s no surprise that you feel a little shy about the […]

RTL is already removing the new dating show from the makers of B&B Full of Love from its prime time programming | Displays

The new TV season has just started, but RTL is already adjusting its programming for prime time. After two episodes of Going out together, home together? The program moves from Tuesday evening to Sunday night. RTL confirms this for this site. Going out together, home together? Achieve new success for makers This B&B is full […]

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