After 75 years, “Rabban Chameleon” has been awarded Diamond Book status.

After 75 years, "Rabban Chameleon" has been awarded Diamond Book status.

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Children’s book Chameleon Captain Van Hotze de Roos has been awarded Diamond Book status. The book, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, has sold more than 200,000 copies since it was first published in 1949.

Chameleon Captain It is the first edition in a 72-volume series of Dutch children’s books. ChameleonThe first 60 parts were written by children’s book writer Dee Ross. The rest were written by Piero Stanco and Fred Dix.

The Dutch Book Collective (CPNB) announces titles Diamond Book If it is sold at least 200,000 times.

The title, created in 2012, is not often given to children’s books. Last month Loser’s life By Jeff Kinney First children’s book Who got the diamond book?

A book about the Frisian twins has been made into a movie.

Chameleon Captain It revolves around twin brothers Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer from the fictional village of Lenten. Because the village is located on a large Frisian lake, the two brothers dream of sailing their own boat one day. When the twins accidentally become owners of an old boat, their great adventure begins.

The book was first adapted into a film in 2003. The third film in the series was released in 2021.

Children’s book writer Hotze de Roos died in 1991 at the age of 81. The Hotze de Roos Prize is awarded each year to a first-time children’s book writer.

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