Archeology: Ranked No. 2 Duke, leaving Texas A&M were mistakes by the NCAA Championship Selection Committee

Archeology: Ranked No. 2 Duke, leaving Texas A&M were mistakes by the NCAA Championship Selection Committee

We finally have an arc. The NCAA Championship Selection Committee came out with its 68th Field on Sunday and as usual, it was a mixed bag—some good, some scratched.

Teams that have been disqualified from the NCAA tournament have always given the selection committee a reason to leave. Having said that, I find it hard to understand how to do it Texas A&M It was disqualified in favor of at least Indiana And the Notre Damethe last two teams on the field.

A CV comparison with Indiana shows two very similar teams, and both Texas A&M have edges in two key areas. They are better away from home and better against tournament opponents. Indiana has five losses outside the first quarter, while Texas A&M has just two. They have the same number of wins as Quad 1, but the Aggies are a little better. Both beat Notre Dame and lost Wisconsinalthough Indiana did it twice.

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I’m not saying that Texas A&M should be inside Indiana. Indiana wasn’t the last team on the field. I’m just saying that if Indiana exists, so should TAMU.

The committee has Aggies as the third team in the back, behind Dayton And the SMU. They had my bow and missed me Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights have a pretty weird resume, so I really have no problem getting them into it. They set the record for the lowest-rated team in the NCAA Preferred Scale for an overall showing at 77 in the grid. The previous record was 74 in RPI before New Mexico in 1999.

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I also can’t explain how duke It is seed number 2. The Blue Devils’ resume is mitigated by playing in a weak ACC. They hit Gonzaga And the Kentuckyboth are big wins, but the Blue Devils have only six wins in Quad 1 , less than every team in the first three lines of the class except Arizona. They have 12 wins in Quadruple 1 and 2, at least matching Gonzaga among the top 12 teams. Finally, they incurred four losses outside of the 1st quarter, the equivalent of Wisconsin. The other ten teams have four such losses combined. Duke also has the weakest overall table of any team in the top 12. It’s as if the committee just looked at them and decided they were better despite evidence to the contrary.

SEC Championship Champion Tennessee And the Texas Tech He would have been a better candidate for seed number 2 than Duke.

The committee had one difficult position to contend with regarding its last four. Those teams were, in order, Wyoming, Rutgers, Indiana and Notre Dame. Usually, they pair the top and the bottom second and put them in the bow where they belong. In this case, that would be number 11 and 12. However, since Indiana played Notre Dame in a game without conferences, they swapped the Hoosiers with the Rutgers. Then, due to conflicts trying to get these pairings and the ones with 11 and 12 in places that fit the rules of correction, the committee had to swap out the 11th seed pair with the 12th seed pair. That’s why Wyoming-India is the top seed 12, and Rutgers-Nore Dame is 11th.

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Putting the first four pairs in parentheses was a challenge as far as he remembers, said David Warlock, director of media coordination and statistics for the NCAA.

I’m glad we’re going to have a regular tournament again this season. Exciting games, hopefully, in front of large crowds. Good luck to your team unless of course, they are playing for me.

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