Pathé unpacking the documentary on Forum MP Gideon van Meijeren

Pathé unpacking the documentary on Forum MP Gideon van Meijeren

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Pathé refuses to screen a documentary about Democracy Forum MP Gideon van Meeren. The cinema chain reported this on Twitter. It will premiere on Monday at the Royal Tuschinsky Theater in Amsterdam.

cinema says:

On March 14th we rented out Koninklijk Tuschinski Theater for a special screening of two documentaries, one on FVD MP Gideon van Meieren. We couldn’t see these before renting the room. After that we didn’t ask enough about the content of the documentaries. Visitors and staff have explained to us that various statements about the Holocaust suffered by the victims of the Holocaust and their relatives were made as very painful. In light of the memory Abraham Tushinskis, who himself was killed during the Holocaust, we don’t think it’s appropriate to premiere this documentary. So we asked the organizer of this event to find another site.

The documentary is a fictional plot by Van Meijeren in which he supposedly found the answers he didn’t get at home, as can be inferred from the description. Van Meijeren has repeatedly compared the policy of corona with the persecution of Jews in World War II. His party also regularly loses credibility to anti-Semitism, and its party leader, Baudette, is anti-Semite. During a recent debate on ethics in the House of Representatives, van Meeren argued in favor of allowing Holocaust denial. He also said that he should be able to claim – “hypothetically” – that not 6 million, but 300,000 Jews were murdered. Dog whistle for far-right supporters, this so-called hypothetical number isn’t just taken out of thin air, it’s been singing for decades In the circles of the NSB and SS.

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