Apple releases Oceanic + Dive PC app for Watch Ultra – Tablets & Phones – News

Apple, in partnership with Huish Outdoors, has launched the Oceanic+ dive app for the Watch Ultra. The app allows amateur divers to use their Apple Watch as a dive computer to a depth of 40 metres. There is a free version and a paid subscription.

Oceanic + Available only for Apple Watch Ultra with watchOS 9.1 paired with iPhone 8 or later, or iPhone SE 2nd generation or later, both running iOS 16.1. With the free version of the app, it is possible to view the current depth during a dive, track time, see the water temperature and log some basic stats from your most recent dives.

For €10.49 per month or €91 per year, customers get more advanced features such as a dive planner. It allows divers to enter surface time, depth, and air mixture used, after which the app calculates non-stop time. Users also have access to a sitemap, personalized tips, unlimited history and visual and tactile safety warnings. For €135 per year, up to five family members can use the app. Apple still recommends completing dive protocols, diving with a partner, and always carrying a second device.

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